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stories untold (2016)

"An incredible collection of Edgar’s original songs, intimate offerings accompanied by Edgar’s dynamite piano playing…Edgar’s album, with one foot rooted in tradition and one firmly in the present, demonstrates the very best of contemporary song writing…this album will charm you, upset you, give you hope and make you think. Edgar, who could be described as a wondrous mixture of Karine Polwart and Tori Amos (albeit with her own unique talent), is probably one of the best songwriters in Britain today.” ***** Spiral Earth  

“a great writer, I think - under appreciated in many ways” Roddy Hart, BBC Radio Scotland

“a beautiful CD…such a stunning artist and one of Scotland’s national treasures…fantastic” Liz Clark, Celtic Music Radio

“With Stories Untold, Kim Edgar has exceeded all expectations in delivering an album of truly absorbing, inspiring and uplifting songs, which should enhance her reputation as one of Scotland’s most engaging and original singer-songwriters.” FATEA

“a keen observation of the small details of people’s lives and the ability to turn those details into stories that can touch the listener at a very emotional level” Southside Advertiser

the ornate lie (2012)

“An extraordinarily original album which should be heard and held up as an example of everything that’s great about contemporary music.” Spiral Earth

“Heart stopping...a thing of beauty from our very own Tori Amos.” Sunday Herald

“Edgar’s songs have a maturing charm and grace well above the norm, and continue their tug at the heart and head after the CD ends” **** Scotland On Sunday

“A persuasive second album, with strong melodic hooks paired to bittersweet musings, shafts of optimism and some Angela Carter moments when the mirror cracks and the bitter stuff of fairytales seeps through.” **** The Scotsman

“Intense and though provoking - surely public acclaim must follow soon.” The List

“The understated finesse of a Scottish Aimee Mann, with sensitive songs, strong melodies and well observed lyrics.” Shire Folk

butterflies and broken glass (2008)

“very moving, literate, allusive and expressively sung” ***** Scotland On Sunday

“an accomplished and intimate debut slice of slick folk pop” **** The List

“a writer and singer of catchy, keenly observed musical snapshots of life” The Scotsman

“an understated and charming collection” The Leither

“One of Scotland’s undiscovered gems...better than anything top-selling Amy MacDonald and Sandi Thom have managed...superb.” Daily Record

“Exceptional - a really confident, very Scottish debut album.” Tom Morton, BBC Radio Scotland.

wee dote EP (2004)

“Screaming with potential, Edgar’s music is a comfort blanket for the disillusioned soul.” The BIG Issue

“A must see for anyone who appreciates skilled songwriting. Greatness assuredly awaits her.” Glasgow Evening Times

“My tip for the top - don’t forget the name Kim Edgar!” Janice Forsyth, BBC Radio Scotland.

“Beautiful - her music is fantastic!” Leith FM